Ivanhoe manufactures non-ionic silicone emulsions for a range of activities that can be diluted down to 5% active just prior to use. Ivanhoe uses food grade emulsification packages that allow these products to be used in both food and non-food contact applications.

Some of the common non-food applications include:

Mold Release Agent
Polish and Dressing
Gloss Aid
Water Repellant
Pigment dispersions
Printing Anti-Marring Agent

Silicone Emulsion Release Agents for HI&I Applications
Product Activity Appearance Viscosity, cps @25C
I-SIL 310E FG 10% White Emulsion 2
I-SIL 315E FG 15% White Emulsion 5
I-SIL 335 LPH 35% White Emulsion 15
I-SIL 360E FG 60% White Emulsion 2600
I-SIL 1035EP 35% White Emulsion 5
I-SIL 1050EP 50% White Emulsion 2000
I-SIL 1060EP 60% White Emulsion 3500
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