Ivanhoe was founded on the principle that our products and services must be tailored to fit the needs of our customers in order to have long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. This foundation has proven itself and is responsible for Ivanhoe’s growth over the years. While Ivanhoe offers a standard list of products commonly used in the industries we serve, our main focus is to work closely with our customer to design a foam control agent or surfactant specifically for the application in question.



Foam Control Agent Development
Ivanhoe operates a full R&D and applications lab that spends most of its resources on customer driven products. We have the ability to formulate defoamers, often using custom developed surfactants and defoaming actives, and test our formulations in our applications lab against competitive materials using the exact foaming media from our customer’s process or a simulated media.


Surfactant and Emulsifier Development
Ivanhoe operates stainless steel hot oil reactors that we use to make non-ionic esters which are used as surfactants, emulsifiers, defoaming actives, and adjuvants.



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