Our Capabilities


Ivanhoe Industries operates two independent FSSC 22000 - GFSI Certified specialty chemical manufacturing facilities. The two facilities have similar capabilities and provide redundant manufacturing assets for nearly all the products we offer. Together the facilities provide over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space.

We have the ability to blend antifoam formulations in both small and large capacity with a number of types of milling equipment to produce emulsions or to finely disperse solid particles in various types of carriers. We operate numerous hot oil and steam reactors with varying auxiliaries and sizes that give us a wide range of capabilities and flexibility to manufacture both pilot scale and large scale non-ionic surfactants and hydrophobic silica. Ivanhoe has two packaging lines for our hydrophobic silica that can produce both small kraft bags as well as large bulk bags of product.

Our capabilities are complete with state-of-the-art analytical, R&D, and application labs. Our analytical lab ensures that all our products comply with our quality and foods safety standards and supports many of our R&D efforts. The R&D lab has all the capabilities of our full scale product plants to facilitate the development of new products from lab to pilot to production scale. The applications lab assists in new product development and often allows our customers to outsource their foam control R&D to Ivanhoe to reduce the burden of qualifying new defoamer products.


About Us


Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. is a privately held, family owned specialty chemical manufacturer located in Zion, IL which is equal distance between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI. Our product line consists of foam control agents, non-ionic surfactants, release agents and hydrophobic silica that are used as additives in a wide range of consumer packaged goods and chemical formulations. Ivanhoe’s market focus is predominately food processing, fermentation, and agricultural applications, but we are developing industrial markets such as oil field, lubricants, and wastewater treatment applications.

Ivanhoe has always utilized bio-based raw materials to manufacture our products and always consider sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts in our product development. We are backwards integrated into many of our raw materials and look to offer highly concentrated and efficient foam control agents, and precision dosing systems to reduce cost, reduce carbon footprint, and create new value for our customers.

We apply our sense of family loyalty to our dealings with customers and how we treat our employees. We have both customers and employees who have been with us since the very beginning and we are constantly developing new ones as well. Our customers and our employees will be responsible for our continued success and they will always have first consideration in our decision making processes.


Our History


In 1979, Ivanhoe Industries was founded with a vision to become the leading manufacturer of silicone and non-silicone foam control technology for food applications. Over the years, Ivanhoe continually grew its manufacturing and R&D capabilities and by 1990, was able to build manufacturing facility complete with a research laboratory and warehouse in Zion, IL. This facility was expanded several times to accommodate larger warehouses and production areas.

In 2014, Ivanhoe opened new FSSC 22000 – GFSI Certified manufacturing facility to manufacture esters, blends, emulsions, and silica dispersions. The food facility utilizes stainless steel and hard piped construction to minimize the potential for cross contamination and to facilitate cleaning and sanitization activities. In 2016, a second Ivanhoe FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing facility was opened to expand our production capacity for emulsions and silica dispersions. The new facility was designed to manufacture hydrophobic silica and in late 2018, equipment was added to package the silica and sell to the open market.


Our Values


Ivanhoe Industries delivers maximum value to our customers through our commitment to food safety and defense, superior customer service, and cutting edge foam control technology. We take the time to understand the needs of our customers, stay informed about consumer and regulatory trends in the market and constantly challenge ourselves to develop new and innovative products and services.

Customer Value
• Responsive customer service
• Expert technical sales team
• Flexibility to adjust to our customer’s needs
• Short lead times & Made-to-Stock mentality
• Near 100% OTIF metrics
• Willingness to develop new products & services
Product Value
• FSSC 22000 – GFSI certified production
• Dedicated food grade production
• Allergen-free, Kosher, Halal, Non-GMO & Certified Organic options
• In-house & On-site application testing of defoamers
• Customized product delivery systems

You will find that Ivanhoe has the flexibility and responsiveness of a distributor, but delivers the benefit and convenience of sourcing from a manufacturer. What special needs do you have and how can Ivanhoe help?


Our Tailored Customer Service


Ivanhoe understands that the success of our company is completely dependent on the satisfaction of our customers and how they value our products and services. We are skilled at custom developing defoamers and surfactants for specific customer applications, but we also devote resources to custom develop relationships with our customers as each of them have unique needs and ways of doing business.


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