Ivanhoe operates hot oil esterification reactors to manufacture non-ionic surfactants that have a wide range of applications in HI&I formulations. Often these surfactants offer multi-functional benefits in formulations such as an emulsifier, solubilizer, detergent and/or defoamer.

Many of our non-ionic surfactants are approved for use in food contact applications.

Polyglycerol Esters

PGE’s are made by the polymerization of glycerin and then esterification with a fatty acid. PGE’s are made from all natural, renewable raw material sources and can replace ethoxylated nonionic surfactants in some formulations. The low HLB varieties are used as carrier oils or dispersants. The mid-range HLB versions act as emulsifiers and foam stabilizers, while the high HLB products function as solubilizers and emulsifiers.
Product Description Appearance HLB
I-MUL PGE 381K Triglycerol Capric/Caprylic Liquid 5.5
I-MUL PGO 104K Hexaglycerol Tetraoleate Liquid 6.0
I-MUL PGO 31K Triglycerol Monooleate Liquid 6.2


Glycerol Esters

Glycerol esters are derived from vegetable sources and function as co-emulsifiers that work in conjunction with higher HLB emulsifiers to help form stable emulsions or dispersions. These esters have anti-corrosive properties and can help solubilize other additives into a wide range of formulations.
I-MUL GMO LM Glycerol Monooleate, 32% monoester Liquid 2.8
I-MUL GMO K Glycerol Monooleate, 42% monoester Liquid 2.8
I-MUL GML K Glycerol Monolaurate, Non-GMO Semi-solid 5.2


Sorbitan Esters

Sorbitan esters are low HLB surfactants derived from vegetable sources. Sorbitan esters function as co-emulsifiers and work particularly well with polysorbates to form stable emulsions.
S-I 83 Sorbitan Sesqueoelate Liquid 3.7
S-I 90 Sorbitan Monotallate Liquid 4.3
S-I 80K Sorbitan Monooleate Liquid 4.3
S-I 20K Sorbitan Monolaurate Liquid 8.6



Polysorbates are high HLB surfactants made via the ethoxylation of sorbitan esters. They can perform as wetting agents and rinse aids as well as emulsifiers.
T-I 65K Polysorbate 65 Liquid 10.5
T-I 85K Polysorbate 85 Liquid 11.0
T-I 80K Polysorbate 80 Liquid 15.0
T-I 60K Polysorbate 60 Semi Solid 15.2
T-I 20K Polysorbate 20 Liquid 16.7


EO/PO Block Polymers

EO/PO Block Polymers range from water to oil soluble that acts as low foaming detergents and rinse aids. They are stable across a wide range of pH and temperature.
I-COL L61 L-61 Liquid 2.0
I-COL L81 L-81 Liquid 2.0
I-COL 31R1 31R1 Liquid 4.7
I-COL 25R2 25R2 Liquid 6.3
I-COL 17R2 17R2 Liquid 8.0
I-COL 17R4 17R4 Liquid 10.0
I-PEG 200 Polyethylene Glycol 200 Liquid 20.0
I-PEG 400 Polyethylene Glycol 400 Liquid 20.0
I-PEG 600 Polyethylene Glycol 600 Liquid 20.0
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